JFK 50 Miler

Sept 1st, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury > Lowell - 12

Day 243 - My change of plans tonight made up for my change of plans last night. Last night I did 13 when I wanted to do 18. Tonight I did 12 when I had only planned on doing 3. Sorry, Cody.

It was another scorcher of an evening when I left the apt a little before 7PM. This time, the route was going to be from the apt down to Battambang Market near downtown Lowell. I was just going to do a 5K on the treadmill to stay out of the heat and recover, since I took a brutal beating in the heat last night, but Rachel needed some supplies from the local Asian supermarket.

I never turn down a run when Rachel asks me to run. I may be stupid, but I'm not dumb.

Making things a little more difficult tonight was the fact that I had to take with me a completely empty Camelbak in order to carry the groceries back with me on the return trip. No water. No Gatorade. No phone. No bailout point. Just cash.

I went out 6 miles at a sub 8 minute clip and felt pretty good considering it was just as hot and humid as last night. This time I wore my Newtons, which had a little more support than the now worn out Nike Frees.

Took me about 55 minutes to reach the store, make the purchases, replenish with some liquids, pack the groceries, and start heading back. Once again, it was pitch dark out, but the streets in this area had more shoulder than last night's finish in Tyngsboro.

I did a little above 8 minute pace on the way home, mainly because of the darkness and most of it was uphill.

Run was completed in about 1:30 without any issue, but damn, why did I wear a cotton shirt!?!

(Wet cotton t-shirt winner!)

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  1. Love it, gives new meaning to "honey can you run to the store for me..."

    Now about that cotton shirt...doh!