JFK 50 Miler

Oct 16th, 2010 - Race - Newport, RI - 3.1

Day 289 - There's windy and then there's f'n windy.

Newport, RI was f'n windy this morning at 5:30AM as we were out there to set up the finish for the Amica 5K. This race is a part of the Amica Marathon weekend.

I had no plans to run this race since I was timing it, but John (boss) managed to get me a comp'ed entry.

I said what the heck, it'll be a good warmup for tomorrow's Marathon in Lowell....

I slipped on my Five Fingers and shorts (about the only running items I brought with me), and Five Fingered (that's what she said) the line. It was a very small field of about 150 runners. That's not too shocking considering the temps were in the 40's, we were by the ocean, the wind was gusting close to 25MPH, and it was a 7:30AM start!!

There looked to be about 1 to 2 other serious runners, but the race was an expensive (if you paid) no frills (no awards) race, so I didn't expect any stiff competition, other than the wind.

I went out at a 6 minute pace and gave up the lead about a quarter-of-a-mile in, and I would remain in 2nd for the next 2.1 miles.

The course was rolling, and very scenic, passing by some very nice digs. Very nice in Newport is god damn very nice anywhere else.

(This is JUST father and mother's summer home)

The wind didn't really effect the runners until about the last half mile. I took it easy and packed it in with about a mile to go, since there was no point in pushing myself. Leader was a good minute ahead of me and 3rd place was about 2 minutes behind me.

Overall, it was a fun race and I was able to get in my 5K for the day before we had even had breakfast.

Official Results

We were done and out of the area by 9AM (PR)!

I raced back to Lowell and spent the rest of the afternoon volunteering at the Bay State expo. Very cool experience to be on the other side of the table for once.

Had a nice pasta dinner provided by the race organizers.

Did I mention that I am so sick of pasta?

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  1. Hey, whadya doin' eating all that Newport Marathon pasta when you were running Baystate the next day? You must have confused the hell out of your stomach! Way to go, you're an absolute animal.