JFK 50 Miler

Oct 2nd, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury, MA - 6

Day 275 - The Massachusetts Running Regiment has been formed and is ready to march on the JFK 50 come November.

(The invasion begins Nov 19th)

Team registration for those running the ultra opened up today, and Dane gave me the brilliant idea to try to form a team to represent the Masssoles running JFK. Unfortunately, the teams have to be all male, or all female. No mix. Sorry SpeedyKittyKat :( Also, max of 5 per team and the top 3 finishers score.

At the top of my recruitment list was Reno Stirrat. Just google his name and you'll know what he's capable of. We've become good friends through the NE Grand Prix series, and on Facebook. This will be his first ultra, but my money is on him to break a few AG records, and probably be in the top 5! It's going to be amazing to be sharing a slice of yummy JFK 50 pizza with him at the end. Save us some, Reno!

Dane and Dave, not to be confused with the iconic (now hilariously outdated) olympians from the 90's, were shoo-ins for a spot on the team since this will be their 4th JFK in-a-row! More than anything, experience is probably the most important factor to have in an ultra, and they have it in spades! I can't wait to see what happens to them this year. I mean, between the two of them, they've broken a toe (Dave), badly sprained an ankle (Dane), nearly went blind (Dave), and almost dropped dead on the course (both). How much more fun can two guys have while running!?

(Might want to get a room...at the Super 8 in Hagerstown!)

Stephen Peckiconis rounds out the 5th Running Regiment. He just got his 2012 BQ out of the way at the St. George Marathon with an impressive 3:30:36. I don't know much about Stephen other than the fact that he hails from Boston, is running the JFK 50, and is my friend on Facebook.

I am sticking with the tried and true team name of Masssoles, but now that I wrote it, The 5th Running Regiment sounds cooler and more appropriate for where we're going, but then again, the Civil War never ended for some folks down there, so I better be careful.



  1. WHAT?! Can I petition the RD?! Hummmpf. I feel slighted.

  2. KittyKat,

    We would have been a lock to finish in first if you were on the team, and I think it's stupid for the JFK 50 organizers to not allow mix teams. I would send them an e-mail (or a horses' head) with your complaint.