JFK 50 Miler

Halloween - Training - Lowell, MA - 3.1

Day 304 - Congrats to all of those who ran MCM down in DC today! Big shout out to Masssoles members Dane, Ranger Dave, Xuan, Brian, and Paul!

I believe there were a couple of GLRR's down there too, including Paul Hadley (3:55!).

Major shoutout to SpeedyKittyKat who ran 2:56!

1st in her AG (20-24), 7th out of 8689 females, 16 minutes behind the female winner, and 133rd overall out of 21,924 finishers!!!

It was only fitting that I learned about Katy's finish from her mom, Karen, who had just placed in her own AG at the SuperHero 5K in Cambridge. I was there timing the race, and it was awesome to see all of the runners dressed up for Halloween, including Lauren L. as Wolverine, and Ken Skier as The Guy Running with the Camera!

Here's Katy's sub-3 write-up: http://speedykittykat.blogspot.com/2010/11/best-laid-plans.html

Time to rest up, Katy. You've got a race to win on Nov 20th.


After looking at the above results again, and comparing the chip time to the clock time, I realized that Katy was 4 minutes behind the top 6 runners at the start of the race! That's about more than half-a-mile of weaving in and out of the slower paced runners!

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  1. What a shout out! Thanks, bud.

    ...now, let's go take over Washington County, MD!