JFK 50 Miler

Nov 14th, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury, MA - 3.1

Day 318 - The road trip down to JFK on Friday will be EPIC, and may end up being one of those things that stays in Vegas. The race itself may just be a footnote compared to the road trip.

So who's going?

In my corner, I've got Rachel, my parents, the boys, my brother, his wife, his kid, and Fil.

Representing the MassSoles will be Gary, Brian, Dane, Dave, Steve, K-Bot (BAA), Reno (Whirlaway), Karen (support crew), and Sasha (Teddy's girlfriend). I believe there will also be a couple of other folks coming down too to provide support/cheer us on.

The more, the merrier!

A couple of tidbits on the runners and crew:

Reno: Need I say more? Let's just say that he's done a lot of things that only a few human beings have EVER been able to do. You know you're doing something right when you can still run sub 2:45 at Boston when you're in your 50's.

Brian: This self-proclaimed semi-professional athlete and professional plodder has conquered marathons on a number of continents (and perhaps planets), including one on the GREAT WALL OF CHINA! Yeah. The same Great Wall that has over a thousand stair steps....built using pre-revolutionary Chinese standards.

Gary: He got tired of being slowed down by the rest of the MassSoles at RTB, so he branched off with his own franchise and his team currently holds the MassSoles course record at RTB (24 hrs).

Steve: The man of mystery. A recent friend of mine on Facebook and I have no idea who he is. Perhaps a fan, perhaps a crazy fan. Either way, he's on our JFK team, and I think he'll fit in just perfectly with the rest of us crazies.

K-Bot: Just read my last 20 posts, or read her blog here. This "girl" will take no prisoners at JFK, and I will most likely be friendly-fire fodder in her quest to destroy all things human during her Judgement Day run. "Da dum dum da dum".

Dane: I don't care what names you bring up, this guy is the ORIGINAL Ultra Marathon Man and is Born To Run. This year's JFK will be his 4th, and 3rd without a severely busted up ankle. Dane also has the uncanny ability to call on Mother Nature whenever he needs a little bit of cooling off. I kid you not. We've had MIT do statistical analysis on the weather during his runs, and they've concluded that there's no way in hell it's a coincidence.

Ranger Dave: You can't have Dane without Dave. They've been at every ultra together, but only RD has looked Death in the face (on more than one occasion) and busted out his signature hyena like laugh. I can hear him now. Seriously. RD's ultra resume also includes breaking his toe at the end of the 2007 JFK and still managing to finish the 2008 JFK! Anything else I say after this point will be redacted, so I'll just say one more thing *REDACTED BY ORDER OF THE US GOVERNMENT*

Karen: By state, federal, and international law, you can't have a MassSoles party without adult supervision, so Karen has kindly offered her sanity and out-of-this-world baking/cooking skills to make sure we don't lose any weight at JFK, and that we have bail money. EVERY race that the MassSoles have been a part of would not have been as organized, possible, enjoyable, tasty, and legal without the behind the scenes folks like Karen. THANK YOU GANG!

The invasion commences in 5 days.

(The Invisible Man is missing)

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  1. Jason,

    What happens on a Soles road trip goes on the Internet! However, that doesn't seem to stop the insanity.

    Looking forward to meeting Reno and Steve, and looking forward to watching you and Katy shred this course.

    Whoo hoo!!

    bs (the plodder)