JFK 50 Miler

Nov 13th, 2010 - Training - Greater Boston - 13.1

Day 317 - I spent most of the morning calibrating and troubleshooting the JFK running routine with K-Bot.

I put her through her paces throughout the Greater Boston area, including a dazzling uphill performance on Heartbreak. I could barely keep pace in order to check on her vitals, so it looks like the latest firmware upgrade went smoothly.

I'm starting to think that K-Bot is beginning to show signs of being "self-aware". The first fembot gained awareness at 2:14AM EST on August 29th, 1997. That didn't go too well.

Now if only we can figure out what sneakers K-Bot wants to wear at JFK, then we'll be all set.

(Hello, Jason)


  1. You know, admittedly, I had to google "August 29, 1997" to understand the joke. Will November 20, 2010 be the next Judgement Day?

    Anyways, no worries, shoe crisis averted.

  2. :) Cue Terminator music...."da dum dum da dum"...