JFK 50 Miler

Nov 30th, 2010 - Having Fun - Tewksbury - 3.1

Day 333 - It's time to talk the relay that is Mill Cities.

I've taken part in a few relays in the past, including four RTB's, but logistically speaking, it doesn't get much harder to coordinate than MCR. Due to the nature of the race and the course itself it is nearly impossible to do this relay like most others.

With RTB you all hop in a van (or a very tight sedan) and leap frog all the way down the course. MCR is a different beast. The roads are narrower, the traffic more congested, and the F's much more clustered.

It takes a lot of pre-race prep to get your team well-oiled, or you can just wing it and hope your runners are up to the task of walking back to their cars after finishing their legs.

Fortunately for this captain, all of my team members are on Facebook, so that made communication a whole lot easier. EJ/Linda/Jess, I highly recommend you guys check it out because it's not the same without you.

To get a sense of the craziness that goes on behind the scenes, here's a snapshot of the latest iteration of the Great Looking Road Runners' MCR attack plan (this was as of 11/26, so of course this plan has already changed...again):

Katy, I will pick you up in Brookline Acton at 6:15AM 6:45AM on Sunday morning*.

Jill, you will drive your husband's own car to the finish of Leg 1 (Sears Warehouse). Don't crash it. Katy and I will meet you there by 7:15AM. Scotty G. promises to give you a ride to the start of Leg 1, but I wouldn't trust him since he also runs for AR for "adventure races" (I guess relays don't count). Be prepared to take hostages.

We will then drive you in my car to the start of the race by 7:30AM.

After we drop you off Jill, Katy and I will head to the start of my leg, Leg 2 by 7:30AM. We will wait there until about 8:15AM before Katy takes my car and drives to the start of Leg 3 (Voke Tech). At that time, I will get ready for Jill's arrival by 8:40AM at the Sears Warehouse in Hudson.

Katy, you will have arrived at the Voke by 8:30AM. Park my car there and take the keys with you to the starting line of Leg 3.

Jill, once you finish your leg you are free to become a mom again will take your car and drive to the Boathouse and wait for Katy.

Katy, you should expect my arrival at the Voke by 9:10AM. Hand off my car keys to me before you take off for your leg.

You will then finish your leg at the Boathouse in Lowell by 9:25AM, relaying the run to Mike.

I will then pick you up at the Boathouse and drive you to your mom's in Acton. I should be able to get you back to Acton by 10:15AM.

Jill will meet you at the Boathouse and drive you to your mom's in Acton in her car. Jill, NOW you are free to be a mom again.

We'll need to step back a bit at this point.

Mike and Fil, before and during all of this, you would have already gotten into place for your legs.

Fil, drive directly (do not pass GO) to the Claddagh on race morning and be there by 7:45AM. Mike, you and your girlfriend will have to pick up Fil at the Claddagh by 8AM. Fil should have your bib # and giveaway.

Mike, I would get to the start of your leg (with Fil still in your car) at the Boathouse in Lowell no later than 9AM. You should expect Katy by 9:25AM.

Fil, after Mike gets out of the car to get ready, you and his girlfriend will drive to the start of Leg 5 at Griffin Brook Industrial Park. Be there no later than 10AM. Expect Mike by 10:30AM.

Mike's girlfriend will wait at Griffin Brook and pick up Mike once he finishes. They will proceed to the finish in Mike's car.

Fil should be done with his leg (if he doesn't decide to walk) by 11:05AM.

Here's the timeline of events:

6:45AM: Jason picks up Katy in Acton.

7:15AM: Scotty G. (supposed) to drive Jill to the start

7:30AM: Jason and Katy proceeds to Leg 1 finish/Leg 2 start in Jason's car.

7:45AM: Fil arrives at Claddagh in Lawrence in his own car.

8:00AM: Mike picks up Fil at Claddagh and drives to leg 3 finish/Leg 4 start (Boathouse in Lowell) in Mike's car. Race starts.

8:15AM: Katy drops Jason off at start of Leg 2. Proceeds to Leg 3 start at Voke Tech in Jason's car. Arrives at Voke Tech by 8:30AM.

8:40AM: Jill finishes Leg 1. Jason starts Leg 2.

9:00AM: Mike should be ready at Boathouse. Fil/Mike's girlfriend proceeds to Leg 4 finish/Leg 5 start (Griffin Brook).

9:10AM: Jason finishes Leg 2. Katy starts Leg 3.

9:25AM: Katy finishes Leg 3. Mike starts leg 4.

9:30AM: Fil arrives at start of Leg 5 in Mike's car. Mike's girlfriend will wait here until Mike finishes.

10:30AM: Mike finishes Leg 4. Fil starts Leg 5. Mike and his girlfriend will proceed to the finish in Mike's car.

11:05AM: Fil walks part of leg 5. Jason heckles Fil as Jason drives by. Fil finishes with tears in his eyes.

I should be able to get to the Claddagh by 10:30AM for the post race festivities. Boys, save me some beer. Girls, the boys will have a few pints in your memory:)

*This whole plan goes out the window if I decide to sleep in Sunday morning.


  1. 12:05PM: Celebrate another GCS victory ... :)

  2. Damn. Looks like the GCS filter on my blog is down again.

  3. (This is Mike) That is such an AWSOME PLAN!!! Lets kick some butt 8-)