JFK 50 Miler

Dec 11th, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 10

Day 345 - Another group run with the Good Looking Road Runners. I expected a subdued morning with a skeleton crew of only 2 to 3 runners considering that El Presidente and Company were down in NC for the XC Nationals, but by the time 8AM rolled around, we had 14 people huddled inside Marx for the group mug shot!

(Best looking group yet!)

Newcomer and Whirlaway runner (we don't discriminate and we won't hold it against her), Emily, joined Mark and I on the 10 mile loop, while Andy, the J Boys, Melissa, and Dave went trouncing through the woods of Lowell. Matt opted for the 8 mile loop. Scott and Paula took turns with babysitting and running duties, and still managed to get in about 5 miles each. I believe Andrea was also out there for her usual 3+. Jimmy was nice enough to be there early to take the group photo and provide moral support. Much appreciated!

Note to Glenn, we're going to need a road racing permit and police detail if this group gets any bigger!

Goal for next Saturday is to shatter the all-time group run record of 18. Please come out and help us make a little history!

Speaking of making history, the GLRR contingent at Nationals, and at the Junior Olympics in Alabama, had some success too.

I'm still waiting on a full report from Glenn, but we already know that the women's senior team finished 2nd overall....in the ****ing country! Hopefully, they'll be able to get through the "medal' detector at the airport without a TSA certified pat down.

(No Senior Moment here - Liane, Sue, & Kathy)

Based on pre-lim reports from Joe Ferris and Coach Noelle, the bantam division girls finished 8th in the country! This is after a mix up that left them a little dejected upon their arrival on Friday. In the end, the team demonstrated GLRR pride and strength and finished strong. Virginia Beach is already on their little calendars for next year!

Quick shout out to Alicia for the delicious post-run waffles (let's make it a tradition!), and the inspiration for GLRR's new moniker, which I'm sure I'll keep using until the other clubs get sick of hearing it.


  1. Good Looking Road Runners? No. GREAT-looking!

  2. Wow! See what happens when I decide not to show? Maybe I'll skip the next 2 or 3 years.

    Great running everyone!! Although I'm wondering what "trouncing though the woods" means - a visit to the Lowell-Dracut Forest(?) or Shedd Park?

    As for Nationals - we went with not all the guns loaded - so we expected problems - the senior division continues to get more competitive (as does the veteran division). We ended up tenth - we tied for ninth but lost on total time.

    Keith ran as the only master (over 40 & under 50). But our success in the women's senior division (2nd – see the photo) led to extended discussions on expanding our team for next year in Seattle.

    We were getting excited about the great recruiting everyone (escp Jason) have been doing and our developing under 30 runners (e.g. The J boys). It would be great to field teams in all the male divisions (open, masters, seniors and veterans). On the women's side it will be tough to scrape together a masters team, but maybe and if Jason keeps it up (hmm - maybe there's a better way to say that) he can excite enough 20 and 30 somethings to field a women's open team. That would be awesome!!!

    Here we come Seattle!