JFK 50 Miler

Dec 19th, 2010 - Training - Concord/Lincoln, MA - "13"

Day 353 - Congrats to EJ for pissing off the 5K running gods. I don't know what this nice man did, but his 5K days are numbered.

In two attempts to break his 5K PR one final time in 2010, EJ has managed to run on two separate race courses that ended up being a tad bit longer than the more commonly used 3.1 mile distance.

Re-published here without his permission or consent are the details of his 5K battle, earlier this morning, at the Winter Classic 5K in Cambridge.

From what I was told, the lead cruiser took the runners down one side street too many, thus extending the course to right in front of the Queen's box seats at mile 3.26.

EJ was on PR pace throughout, but of course, the 5K curse kicked in right on cue and kicked EJ hard in the walnuts. He ran the generous course in 18:33, and based on my calculations, the extra .16 cost him at least 50 seconds given the pace that he completed the final .26 in (5:14). DOH! (insert echo here).

Maybe next time.

EJ did however manage to place 11th overall (out of 427 finishers), and place 3rd in his AG! Congrats buddy! I don't care what the running gods say, you've earned it this year!

Also in his race breakdown e-mail to me, I did notice one interesting fact. EJ managed to run the final .26 (~400 meters) in a blazing 1:21! This is what we were hitting with ease on Thursday night during our 400 track workout. I'm just saying...

Oh, as an aside, I was originally planning to run this race (to attempt my own 5K PR), but as fate would have it, something else came up. I guess the gods like me more.

(We're laughing with you, EJ)

BONUS: EJ also relayed to me a great line from the RD after the race.

"I've been married 17 years and never been yelled at this much!"


  1. That's because the RD whipped....lol

  2. TAKE 2

    That's because the RD is whipped!!!!!

  3. I'm sure he got his share of whipping today, but that mistake was almost out of his control.

  4. I didn't realize how much EJ was robbed at this race. I ran it, too, and was disappointed by my pace, but pleased that I finished uninjured. (First race I finished uninjured this month! :)

    After the race I chatted with EJ and he gave barely a hint of his disappointment...seemed pretty philosophical about it all. very classy guy!

  5. I don't know about classy, but thanks Ken! It was great to see you, Dan & Lou, and a whole host of Somer-villains.

    You can be "robbed" of a PR, but you can't be robbed of a good run. And I gotta think of the Stronach solution to all racing problems which is "run faster" so it's all good.

    I was definitely thinking of the track workout, I did my warmup from the finish line out onto the course and had landmarked 1/4 mile to go. Only 2 3/4 quick laps around the fieldhouse track, so let's GO!