JFK 50 Miler

Dec 18th, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury, MA - 10

Day 352 - Another Saturday, another GLRR group run from downtown Lowell.

Actually, it wasn't going to be just any group run, it was going to be a record setting group run.

Contrary to the group photo below, there were 19 runners out there today, breaking the all-time Saturday morning group run record of 16...

(Best looking group YET!)

Fine. Teddy and Scooter doesn't count, but Rachel was there this morning even though she only put in about 2 miles, most of it walking with the boys around the neighborhood. Rachel being there should be a record onto itself!

OK. We'll just call it a tie for this week, but I think the next outing will indeed be an official record.

The GLRR early birds started streaming in a little before 8AM. First there was James, then Jess, Linda, Karen, Marli, Fil, Matt, Glenn, John, Jeff, Paul, Dave, Andy, Jimmy, Eric, Scott, and myself with Rachel and the boys.

Everybody took off from the start and I was left holding the leashes with Rachel. Rachel, the boys, and I jogged to Lowell High before I told her to meet me back at the start in about in an hour.

I ran with Dave, Marli, Karen, Linda, and Jess for about 1/10th of a mile. I next caught Matt, Glenn, and Fil and ran with them for about 1/100th of a mile before I eventually caught up to Eric.

We would go on to run together for the rest of our planned 10 mile run.

Eric (currently 6th in 365 Day Race) and I had some great races together during the GT5K Spring series, but our rivalry actually began on Day 1 of this blog, where he kicked my ass at the First Run 10K in Lowell. Of course, I repaid the favor and kicked his ass 59 Days later in Haverhill.

I hadn't seen or ran with Eric since the summer time, so I invited Eric out this morning as part of his training for the Goofy Challenge in January. For those who do not know what the Goofy Challenge is, let's just say it's goofy and it's a challenge! For those who don't know Eric, let's just say he's goofy and he's a challenge (just kidding, buddy).

Eric was actually here to put his knee to the test. He had been having some issues that temporarily sidelined his training, so today was going to be a big indicator if he was going to continue with his training and the Challenge.

We went through every mile, up and down the river, in the mid to low 7's. Eric didn't show any sign of discomfort and it looks like his knee passed with flying colors. Just what the doctor ordered!

We completed the run in 1 hr 13 mins (7:22), and I chalked it up as one of my best training runs on this young season.

Now I'll have to check in on Eric tomorrow to see how he really feels....


We're expecting a record turnout, so we'll try to have Guinness standing by at the finish, and I don't mean the record keepers.


  1. Hey Jason thanks for the invite and the company. The knee seems to be holding up. BTW how does 82 minutes for 10 miles come out to 7:22 pace. The pace is right but the time is off..I'm pretty sure we ran it in 73 minutes ;-)

  2. What do you mean? It says 1:13 ;) Yeah. That was a typo on my part. Corrected.