JFK 50 Miler

Dec 26th, 2010 - Training - Dracut, MA - 18

Day 360 - What a better way to cap off a 60 mile week than to do it with the J Guys, Joe D. and Jim R. (who's capping off a 90 mile week and securing his 365 Day Race victory - Congrats, Jim!).

I met up with Joe and Jim down at Joe's place in Dracut at 8AM in the hopes of getting in an 18 miler before the end of the world arrived in the form of a blizzard later in the day (you know it's bad when they have to cancel an NFL game because of it).

The snow was already falling and the roads were getting slick as we started our tour of the local area pig farms. In my 28 years of living in this area I've never dared to venture into this part of Dracut on a run, and I don't think I will (alone) after hearing some of Jim's and Joe's stories.

It was quite peaceful running on the outskirts of town, in between dodging sanders, plowers, and the occasional NH drivers trying to take us out.

There were plenty of hills thrown in to keep us honest. They grow em big and tough in Dracut, and the hills were the same too.

The run felt effortless and the pace itself was as steady as the snowfall. The only thing missing was Mack's soothing snoring (you had to be there).

We finished back where we started 18 miles and 2 hours 9 minutes later (7:10 pace for me - Jim and Joe had different times and paces even though we ran mostly together. This is what happens when space and time gets caught up in one of Joe's long run).

When you run with Joe you get the soup to nuts, but in our case, we got the eggs to nuts. Definitely Eat (and Run) at Joe's! Thanks for the great post-race breakfast!

Overall, it was my best long run on this young and refreshing running season. Now to figure out why my right rotator cuff is killing me, which would be the first serious issue so far on this long and tiring running season. I guess I won't be reporting to Ft. Myers in a month and a half.

(If you look close enough, you can hear Mack)

(sorry for slowing you guys down)

(BTW, this is Mack)

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