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Chrismahannukwanzaa - Training - Tewksbury --> Lowell - 11.5

Day 359 - I spent 1 hour and 17 minutes of my XMAS afternoon on the roads of Tewksbury and Lowell, with seven minutes of that time taking on Catamount Rd. The hill on this road runs for more than 1/4th of a mile and it's a beast!

My pace coming up to the hill was 7:04 through 2.75 miles and the Garmin hit 7:09 at the top at mile 3.2. Unfortunately, Catamount is a dead end so I had to turn back around to finish my run towards Lowell. Fortunately, the downhill is a lot faster than the uphill, so I managed to get my pace back down to 7 flat by the time I reached North St.

(because it's there) 

I still had 7 miles to go before I got to my uncle's place along the boulevard, so I started to play with my speed. I rarely ever do fartleks on my run, and I know I need to incorporate this into my training if I want to conquer Boston in sub 2:55.

From mile 5 on I alternated between sub marathon pace (6:30) and sub 7 minute pace every half mile. The rest of my run took me up and down a hilly Andover Rd (Hey Frank!). I loved the speed play and it kept the run interesting, albiet very tiring.

I ended up with a 6:43 pace for the 11.5 miles. Felt great after the run considering that I did 14 yesterday, and now I have to look forward to my first marathon training session with Coach Donnelly in the AM. Gulp.

(Fartlek, hehe)

In more shoe news, I auditioned my new Saucony Kinvaras on this run and I have to say that I think I've found the leading candidate for my Boston run. They were solid throughout the run without any discomfort. As light as the Newtons, as comfortable as the Five Fingers, more heel support than the Frees, and more breathing room in the toe box than the Lunars. We have a winner. Thanks to Fil, EJ, Tom, and Eric for recommending this model to me.

(Not as obnoxious as the Newton Momentum)

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