JFK 50 Miler

Dec 29th, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury, MA - 3.1

Day 363 - It's always comforting to know that there are crazier people than me out there. The latest coconut to fall from the tree is ultra runner Tony Mangan. He was a hardcore ultra runner even before he started theworldjog.com mission, but now he is just insane...in a good way.

Tony is on a Forest Gump-like mission to jog around the globe. He departed from his home in Ireland on Oct 25th, 2010 and is currently 60+ days into a 2-3 year journey around the world.

As Irish luck would have it, part of his route runs right through Greater Lowell! He's expected to come through Lowell around Jan 3rd, 2011 and is headed to Hudson, MA where he has an aunt. How quaint.

I got in touch with Tony over the weekend and his only requirement for running with him is that you have to push his buggy, Nirvana.

(As long as he's not inside the buggy)

I've done the Lowell to Hudson run in the past (part of the JB 50), and I plan to join him on this 24 mile stretch. I'm hoping to show him a little GLRR hospitality too with a belated XMAS gift.

Tony also asked if there would be anyone in the area kind enough to put him up for the night. If you do wish to help him out, another requirement is that you have to be able to drop him off exactly where you picked him up, unless of course he runs right up to your doorstep.

You can contact him directly here: THEWORLDJOG@GMAIL.COM

Needless to say, I'll be following Tony's blog and living vicariously through him over the next 2-3 years. Good Luck!


  1. Wow. Thanks to Tony, I'm officially off the hook as the successor to 365ink. That is pretty damned insane, takes BIG brass ones to even think about trying this.

    If it's Monday the 3rd I doubt I can make it, but maybe...

  2. EJ, you're not off the hook that easily. I still need my daily dose of Cranky Runner Blogging.