JFK 50 Miler

Dec 30th, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury, MA - 3.1

Day 364 - Since I already have something pre-planned for Day 365, this will have to be my swan song to 2010 and this blog.

Like a tough race course should be, 2010 had many ups with hardly any downs.

Some highlights include being a part of the greatest running club with a chicken as its mascot.

Some lowlights include being a part of the greatest running club with a chicken as its mascot?!

All seriousness aside though, there is no greater feeling then being out there doing something you love with the best people around.

The Streak, The Race, The Decision, and The Blog were just small pieces of this entire experience. It's The People that I've met and The Friendships that I've developed that I'll cherish the most from the past 364 Days.

I started out the year at the 1st Run 10K in Lowell with a bunch of runners that I hardly knew. Looking back at the photos of that first race of 2010, I could probably now name 75% of the field. 100% if you give me their BIB # and the coolrunning results.

2010 wasn't all roses though. I made some enemies (you know who you are), and I made some more enemies (you definitely know who you are).

I also suffered through some injuries and setbacks, but in the end, continued to march on with my running buddies.

We trained through sideways rain, tropical storms, drunken stupors, and starlit nights out in the middle of nowhere just to get in our stupid 5K every day.

We did it because we wanted to push each other to our limits, and at other times, to push each other's buttons.

We survived the freezing temps at Fudgcicle, destroyed the hills of Derry, raced in our boxers in Bradford, won our medals at Wild, broke some hearts on the hills of Boston, had a great time at Good Times, left our shit at Sugarloaf, picked off the pack at Pinelands, walked up the steepest of Washington, relayed our way to the beach, had the run of the year at Hartford, came back home at BayState, learned a lesson at JFK, and then managed a win at mighty Merrimac.

Through it all though, we had one thing in common. WE. HAD. FUN!

So raise your pint glasses and 40's.

Here's to another 365 Days and to an even crazier New Year.

See you girls on the other side.


  1. Jason, we have you to thank for documenting it all for us. You have not only been a great running buddy (although I can never keep up with you), you have been in inspiration for me to keep pushing forward. And for that, I think YOU!

  2. My pleasure Cullen. Hoping to see you more on the road in 2011!

  3. Super job, Jason! I look forward to running with you (occasionally) and reading you (often!) in 2011.

  4. Amazing year J, I'll raise a pint to that! Make 'em alektorophobic doesn't have quite the same ring to it, so I'll stick with MAKE 'EM FEAR THE CHICKEN in '11!!!!!