JFK 50 Miler

Jan 10th, 2010 - Race - Nashua, NH - 3.10

Day X - Another day, another run, another race. On the schedule for Fil, Kelly, and I on this spring like morning...wait a second. What I meant to say was, on this hell-freezes-over like day...hold on. Something doesn't look right. Oh! What's Kelly's name doing in that sentence?! Ms. Goldilocks was still in bed when Fil and I were preparing for the first race in the, appropriately named, Freeze Your Buns series, put on by Gate City Striders.

Freeze Your Buns

Kelly was right though, it was too cold, but that's what bed is for, right Kelly?;) Race time temp hovered around 10 degrees, about 20 degrees below what is required for your buns (or nuts) to freeze off.

Fil and I have been well tempered over the past couple of weeks to handle these temps at this point in the winter racing season. Buns frozen at 20 degrees is the same as buns frozen at 10 degrees for us, it's just a matter of how frosty you like your buns. Hmmmm, fresh buns.

Speaking of fresh buns, this race really brought out the youngins'. Whatever happened to sleeping in and watching cartoons on Sunday mornings?! Get a hair cut, hippie!

My goal for today was to just improve on my 2010 5K time of 19:55, set the previous day at the Fudgicle 5K. Looking at this crowd, I knew I'd have more than a few bunnies to chase down and help pull me to a 2010 PR.

The race itself was uneventful for me. I started out in 6th, and stayed in 6th for the entire race. Felt great and finished with a 2010 5K PR time of 19:02 (soooo close). How the heck did I ever consistently run below 19 without hacking up a lung? Should be back there again shortly.

Note to self: Don't wear Newtons in sub-freezing temps. It's like running on bricks with bricks beneath those bricks. That's a lot of bricks to be running on.

Fil finished in 9th with a 20:27, also a 2010 PR for him. I am happy to report that his walnuts remained toasty today.

Entry Fee: $5


Another week of training runs, with a possible track workout with GLRR on Wednesday, is on the schedule.

Now if only the Pats can stop stinking up the joint like my laundry.

UPDATE: The Pats stink worse than my stinkies.

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