JFK 50 Miler

Jan 9th, 2010 - Race - Tewksbury, MA - 3.14

Day 9 brought Fil and I back to race mode, and back to the Fudgicle Series in Tooksberry (what's with the town names in MA?).  Week 2 of the series saw a dramatic jump in registration (50+ runners?) and a couple more familiar race faces.

GLRR's fearless leader, Glenn S., was back. Andy C. was back. Frank G., Doug S., Cullen M. appeared in their cameo roles.

It was nice to be racing again after 5 straight days of training runs. The footing was a lot better this time around, but the race time temps (18 degrees) were not.

Stayed in the top 4 throughout most of the race with Frank passing me around Mile 1, and Andy catching me around Mile 2. I always enjoy running alongside someone like Andy and Frank who make it look so effortless. Great run Frank and Andy!

Awesome job to all the brave Fudgicles that ran today!

Fil, Cullen, and myself finished the morning run off with a repeat of the course for a nice cool down run. Felt great, but Fil kept on mentioning his "frozen nuts". I don't think he brought walnuts with him either.

Jason - 4th Place - 19:55
Fil - 10th Place - 21:41



- Tried out and enjoyed new compression sleeves.
- ITB is at about 99%. No lingering pains.
- Back is sore from ITB compensation in prior weeks.
- Too bad Global Warming isn't for real.

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