JFK 50 Miler

Jan 16th, 2010 - Race - Tewksbury, MA - 3.14

Day 16 - Saturdays have become race day for myself, Fil, and a handful of other GLRR members at the Fudgicle series in Tewksbury. The several decades old series is a weekly, no-frills "5k" that can measure anywhere between 3.10 and 3.17, depending on how many corners you can cut.

My personal goal on this "warm" (30's) morning was to just improve on my time from the previous week (19:55), and of course, to beat Fil. Fil's goal was to not puke.

Dave Corbett (winner of the previous two weeks) was absent this morning, and Frank G. was out in Rochester, NY running a 5k for a n.i.n.e.p.r. of 18:38. Nice job, Frank! This meant that I had a good shot at placing in the top 2, perhaps 1st, for this week.

Those dreams of placing 1st quickly dashed away from me at the start when Dan Verrington from CMS took off like his walnuts were on fire. Dan ended up taking this week with a winning time of 17:45. I followed "closely" behind in 2nd with a time of 19:16, bettering my  Fudge series PR by 39 seconds!

Unfortunately, and to my disappointment, Fil did not puke, but he did manage to shave 41 seconds off of his previous week's time, to finish in 7th with a time of 21 FLAT! Nice job, youngster!

Other notables: Andy C. - 19:59; Jim S. - 21:20; Cullen M. - 21:31; Hot Dog Guy - 21:36.

Off to the hills of Lowell for myself and Fil tomorrow morning. We'll enventually join you Glenn on one of your Sunday morning runs!

UPDATE: Fil and I have decided to join Glenn & Co on their Sunday morning run, and then head to our hill workout. God save us.

Glenn, is that you?!

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