JFK 50 Miler

Jan 21st, 2010 - Track Workout - 5.6

Day 21 - What a workout! 10 x 400's tonight with the GLRR crew: Glenn, Jim S., Mark B., Fil, and a few others. My legs are so sore, not so much from the workouts, but from kickng Fil's ass at these workouts. Fil, I kid because I care!

The whole group pretty much went all out averaging between 5:30's and 6's throughout the entire workout! We were cruising through the 400 meters in about 88-90 seconds per interval (sometimes a little faster depending on whether the blonde was watching or not) with a little less than a 200 meter rest.

Jim S. is such a great pacer that I am now setting my watches to him, especially when I want my watch to run faster than expected!

By the end of the workout, Fil even had the gall to try to past me on the final lap of the final interval! My last running buddy tried that....once. Fil's gasping for air betrayed his position, allowing me to kick it in for the final few meters. Nice try, Speedster!

Lunch time run with Fil planned for tomorrow. Will be going easy for the next couple of days leading into the Boston Prep. Unless Fil tries to pass me again tomorrow.

Time to ice my foot. You should do the same for your ass, Fil:)

Stat of the week: I still owe Fil $9.53.

Bonus stat of the week: Finally broke 100 miles since this whole thing started.

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