JFK 50 Miler

Jan 8th, 2010 - Training - Dracut, MA - 3.15

Day 8 was short and sweet, just like this entry and me.

Like clockwork, Fil put in his usual lunch time run (5.50 miles), while I did 3.15 miles on the broken conveyor belt. We're both starting to feel the wear and tear of running without a rest day. We ended the day and week at Tbones in Hudson reminiscing about our first 8 days of the journey. Only 357 more of these go. Man, Bug Light taste like crap, but it's cheap!

Off to bed as there is a race to be run'ed in the wee early morning. Who the heck puts on a weekly race series at 8AM in the middle of winter?! Oh, GLRR does. BTW, here's the link to the GLRR page:


It's the best running group around. C'mon, you know you want to. You can hang out with crazy running people like myself, Fil, Glenn & Co.

Stat of the week: Fil is kicking my ass in mileage (38 vs 33) so far. What he doesn't realize is that I stopped running after Day 2.

To catch up on what's happend so far, here's a link to the actual blog where all of this useless crap is being stored for eternity: http://jbrunningink.blogspot.com/

The blog has been given a shiny new name since this adventure is no longer about me. It's now about me kicking Fil's ass over the next 357 days.

Breaking News: We may have another entrant into the "3 mile pact". Stay tuned!


Sorry, I lied. This post was neither short, nor sweet...but I still am!

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