JFK 50 Miler

March 11th, 2010 - Track Workout - Lexington, MA - 7

Day 70 - I've literally come full circle in my track workouts with GLRR. Tonight's workout was the very same workout that Fil and I first survived way back on January 13th. Unfortunately, Fil is still coming around the turn on this note since he was unable to make it tonight. Something about being scared again...

I ran tonight's workout with my new running partner, Keith. Sorry, Fil. You just weren't there for me when I needed you most :*(

Jim and Glenn were also there, but they were running their own race tonight.

Keith and I duked it out, back and forth for most of the night, but I finally managed to finally break him on the last half, of the last interval. He's one tough walnut.

Mile 1: 6:17
Mile 2: 6:11
Mile 3: 6:02
Mile 4: 5:41

Jim claims that Keith and I took an extra lap of rest before our final interval, but that was just Jim's excuse for us lapping him:) Besides, I had to make up for my 650 mistake from last week. Might as well make it up on a rest lap.

For those readers who have not heard of Facebook, or refuse to be cool like the rest of us, I'll be rolling out the 2010 edition of the GLRR Runners' Cards over the next few postings.

First up is #1 in your program and #1 in our hearts, it's none other than The Dictator himself, Mr. Glenn Stewart:

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