JFK 50 Miler

March 25th, 2010 - Track - Lexington, MA - 6.5

Day 84 - Karma's a female dog. The morning after winning my arguement over Rachel on how to cook Bagel Bites, the bastard bagels came back and bit me in the but-tocks (you know the scene). I guess there is a wrong way to cook these nasty little critters, and I discovered it. Trust me Heather, there is a wrong way to do it and it didn't involve tinfoil and a steam radiator, but that's an awesome idea though!

I felt like crap (maybe because that's all I did today) and left work after showing up for 15 minutes. My stomach was in knots all the way home and throughout the morning. I just worked from home and tried to relax before going to track at 7PM.

I felt better by the time track rolled around, and of course, there's no better cure for an upset stomach than running at race pace for 30 minutes: Exhibit A

Tonight's workout was going to be a ladder: 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400.

Matt S. came out for the workout in place of the fil'ed Fil. Nice job, Mr. Story! The other unusual suspects were also there tonight, Mark, Jim, Glenn, and beer man, Keith.

We got through the first three and half intervals on target with Jim leading the pack, then Keith took over and all hell broke loose.

Keith must have still been pissed about losing his New Bedford bet because he was running like a man on fire! We ended up finishing the 1600 in about 6:10 when the target pace was around 6:20.

Coming back down the ladder was the same story. We blew through all of the remaining intervals like a Prius at a stop sign. I felt so good on the last 400 interval that I managed a 78 second sprint.

My stomach even felt better by the end of the workout, but I didn't want to temp the porcelin gods by going to Mario's and chowing down with the rest of the crew tonight.

Live to eat another day, I say.

Hip was still bothering me today, but it's feeling better. Hoping to be close to 100% by Saturday morning for the 21 mile run with GLRR, and over a thousand of our closest training buddies.

TIP OF THE DAY TO YA': Text RUNNER to 31901 from your cell phone (won't work on a rotary phone), and follow the instructions in order to receive text split time alerts (10K, Half, 30K, and Finish) for anyone running the Boston Marathon. You will need to know their BIB #. Click HERE to search for a BIB #. Mine is 4280 if you want to witness my slow and painful demise during the race.

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