JFK 50 Miler

March 30th, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 4.1

Day 89 - I always find it easy to complete a run when I have a destination in mind. Tonight's destination was a house about 2 miles from my apartment. I was going there to trade my copy of God of War 3 for Heavy Rain (appropriately enough).

Tonight's run had a Wild Rover #3 feel to it: Rain, hat, and of course, the course.

The route to this person's house was basically the Wild Rover 3 course less the 495 overpass and turnaround. I got up to around Spencer St before heading to the house and turning back home afterwards. The amount of rain was pretty much the same amount of rain that fell on us runners during the Hynes race. And of course, I had on my Wild Rover series hat, which is great for wet conditions (thanks for the tip, Glenn!).

The only thing missing was Jim Rhoades snapping pictures.

Charlie K., who I ran with a couple of weeks ago on the Boston course, offered to do another long run with me this weekend around the Charles (18-20 miles at a more disciplined pace). Charlie had read my posting about my disappointing long run last weekend and made the suggestion. I might join him, but I think something else might be up for this weekend, but I can't say on this blog.

Here's another card, this time it's the VEEP:

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