JFK 50 Miler

March 31st, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 3.11

Day 90 - Been in a crappy running mood ever since my disappointing long run on Saturday. Now that I am not putting in a long run this Saturday, my mood just got a lot crappier. Maybe I just need to take a dump.

Waited for the weather to clear up tonight before putting in my run around the river. The mighty Merrimack looks like it's about ready to blow its banks (that's what she said).

Nice night for a run. Temps were in the upper 40's and I wore just the right amount of clothes. I felt a little less crappy at the end of the run tonight, but I think I might have just sharted during the run.

My pacing (or lack thereof) is way off from where I want it to be. I have 19 days to focus or Boston is going to be a bust. Part of the problem are my sneakers. I am stuck in sneaker limbo. Do I wear the almost broken in pair and risk getting blisters, or do I go with the well-worn, but trusty pair??

Tomorrow is the 1/4th anniversary of this 365 day experiment (the actual 1/4th anniversay is at 6AM on April 1st). I'm a little leary of the anniversary being on April Fool's Day. You never know what can happen, or not happen!

Here's another card in the deck:

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