JFK 50 Miler

April Fool's Day, 2010 - Track - Lexington, MA - 6

Day 91.25 - We were exactly 1/4th of the way through 2010 at 6AM this morning. It's only fitting that it arrived on April Fool's Day, a day when everyone is a wise-ass, myself included.

I was considering faking my own death as a joke, but that would have just been ignored by everyone, and besides, Elvis has already done it. I instead decided to pretend that my running streak ended. Nobody cared except for Glenn, Frank, Jim, Jackie, Kelly, and Reno Stirrat?!

To recap the last 91 days, here's Fil:

Hi boys and girls, this is Uncle Fil. Here's a breakdown of what's happened so far:

- Total Races: 18
- Total Mileage: 508 (JB) 566 (FF)
- Average Pace: 7:23 (JB) 7:56 (FF)
- Injuries: Plantar Fascimile (FF), collar bone (JB), ITBS (JB), hip (JB), severe walnut rot (JB), golf club to the face (TW), broken heart (JB)
- Lapped During Track by Jason: Twice (FF)
- Lapped During Track by Fil: None (JB)

To celebrate the anniversary, Fil and I went to track, and then an unromantic dinner for five at Mario's. Missing at our workout tonight was our fearless pacer, Jim. In his place were four other fearless pacers: Mike, Mark, Matt, and Glenn (which one does not belong...).

Mark led the pack for the first three of six 800's, crossing the line in 3:03, 3:02, and 3:01. Keith took over and finished the fourth interval in about 2:54. Glenn led most of the fifth interval and we did that one in 2:58. I "paced" myself for the final interval and managed to put in an easy 2:39. Another fun workout with GLRR! Only two weeks left in "winter" track, then it's onto spring track!

Once again, I am running out of cards to post! C'mon folks, get out there and be seen with your new GLRR singlets!

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