JFK 50 Miler

June 6th, 2010 - Race - Lincoln, RI - 3.1

Day 157 - Not much to say about the 5K GP race down in Lincoln, RI this morning. OK, let's just say that Fil and I spent more time playing the slots than running the race.


Ran the race (18:07) that I was expecting to run given the conditions (upper 70's and very humid), and with my self-diagnosed bruised sternum and fractured left foot (receiving my online medical degree in a couple of years).

Only managed to be the first GLRR finisher because John Barbour is recovering from an injury, and Mike Shanahan is GP cursed. Mike is "getting over" a very serious chest cold. Get better my friend. I want to see you at the top of your game at one of these!

Great spread afterwards, and always great company at these things.

Highlight of the day was coming across this restaurant that shared my wife's chinese name. We're going to go there to see if we can collect royalties:


Congrats to Maggie Brice and Christine Murray on their marathon run in San Diego!

Nothing major on the race schedule until June 19th...

(Pfffffttt...anyone can do this in a car!)

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