JFK 50 Miler

June 7th, 2010 - Training - Lowell/Tewksbury - 3.15

Day 158 - I lied yesterday when I said I didn't have anything major on my race schedule until Mt. Washington on the 19th.

I almost completely forgot that I had signed up for the Hollis Fast 5K this Thursday evening! If everything goes as planned, I should be able to set a new 5K PR here that I won't be able to break for at least another 364 days.

Jill T. messaged me tonight to see if I wanted to run as a team at the 5K. One of the fastest ladies I know around here, and she wants to run with me in a competitive race?! Hell YES! We plan on running under the GLRR banner as a coed team. We just need one more runner to make it official...anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

The area's fastest 5K should be a nice warm-up to the marathon relay competition this Saturday at the Tufts University track. Will also be running this race with GLRR. Fantasy is to run a sub-4 minute mile when it's my turn. Reality is to not make a fool of myself in front of the 10 lovely ladies on my team.

The only other race on the schedule is tomorrow night at the last Good Times Spring Series race of the season (Hooray! for the summer series in two weeks!) Going to save my run for Thursday, so I'll be bringing a mystery celebrity guest runner with me to have a little fun at this one.

(I didn't say the "guess" had to to be alive)

Speaking of dead old guys (just kidding, running dad!), in the midst of all this, Fil Faria is going for an unbelievable 5K extravaganza! It even out kicks me in the "you are wal-nuts" category. With all of the planets, stars, and blackholes aligned, Fil is attempting to race in 8 straight 5K's, starting this past Saturday at the Faria Foxboro 5K where he came in 2nd in his age group! Garnering him an awesome $40 tech shirt coupon redeemable somewhere, but not at the store that sponsored the race. Huh?

He then went onto a respectable race at the Rhody 5K, and SCORED for GLRR at this tough GP event under very tough conditions.

Tonight, Fil completed race #3 with a nice, easy run with his son, Deric, at the first Mine Falls 5K trail race of the season. To top it off, he ran home (about another 5K) to cool down!

Here's how his scheduled has looked, and will look, in the coming week:

Saturday - 6/5/10 - Faria Foxboro 5K
Sunday - 6/6/10 - Rhody 5K
Monday - 6/7/10 - Mine Falls 5K
Tuesday - 6/8/10 - Good Times 5K
Wednesday - 6/9/10 - Danvers 5K
Thursday - 6/10/10 - Hollis Fast 5K
Friday - 6/11/10 -  Lowell General ER 5K
Saturday - 6/12/10 - McDonough Funeral Home 5K
Sunday - 6/13/10 - St. Patrick's Cemetary 5K

Flowers can be sent in c/o of me.

Tonight's training run was an interesting one. I had to pick up some items at Home Depot, so I asked if Rachel wanted to race me to the store. Her in her car, and me in my, two "wheel", human powered body.

She gave me a 10 minute headstart.

In the end, we ended up at the front door of the Tewksbury Home Depot in a dead tie. Tie goes to the wife with the keys to the car, and my ride home.

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