JFK 50 Miler

June 5th, 2010 - Training - Bedford, MA - 4

Day 156 - Weeekends aren't supposed to go as planned.

Original plan was to wake up nice and early and do a run with GLRR. That didn't happen when my alarm decided to sleep in.

Back up plan was to go for a hike with Rachel and the boys down at Great Brook Farm in Carlisle. That hike was cut short due to an over-abundance of god damn fucking mosquitos. I covered myself in bug spray and was still eaten alive.

Back up plan was to go kayaking on the Concord River. We borrowed Rachel's dad's brand new kayaks and went out on the river. It was beautiful out and in the low 80's at that point. Everything went pretty smoothly including rescuing Scooter three times when he decided to abandon ship and go for quick dips. And of course, Scooter got chills real quick, so this too was cut short.

Back up plan brought me back to the original plan. Went for a run.

Run was OK. 1 mile on the Bedford High track, 2 miles on the roads of Bedford, and 1 mile on the Minuteman trail. Chest has been bothering me, almost like a bruised sternum, but not sure how though.

It only hurts when I breathe.

Rested and ready to run Rhody with the Road Runners tomorrow morning in Lincoln, RI.

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