JFK 50 Miler

4th of July, 2010 - Race - Foxboro, MA - 6.2

Day 185 - What better way to celebrate the Birth of a Nation than to run a 10K race at the home of the New England Patriots.

Glenn, Liane, Cullen, Fil, and myself got down to Patriot Place nice and early for the 9:30AM race.

This race would kick off a crazy week of racing for us GLRR's:

Glenn: Patriot Place 10K, Carson 2 Miler, Good Times 5K

Fil: Patriot Place 10K, Carson 2 Miler, Mine Falls 5K, Good Times 5K, Great Legs 5K

Cullen: Patriot Place 10K, Carson 2 Miler, Mine Falls 5K, Good Times 5K

Liane: Patriot Place 10K, Carson 2 Miler, Good Times 5K, Great Legs 5K

Jason: Patriot Place 10K, Carson 2 Miler, Mine Falls 5 Miler, Good Times 5K, Danvers 5K, Lowell
General ER 5K, McDonough Funeral Home 5K, St. Patrick's Cemetery 5K

Fil, Cullen, and myself carpooled together, while Glenn and Liane played Dukes of Hazards and got down to Gillette in about 15 minutes from Chelmsford.

I had instant flashbacks of the Rhody 5K the moment we pulled into Gillette Stadium's parking lot. The 1st year course itself would be similar to Rhody, a quick loop around the parking lot, and then out and into the surrounding residential streets.

Very warm morning as we all lined up after a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. The corrals were broken up by pace, starting with 5's, which is always nice to see.

Nothing spectacular to report about my run during this race, other than the fact that I felt OK, and it was nice to run a new race for the very first time.


(First race in awhile where my VO2 Max was below 55)

Close to 3,000 runners finished the very well managed race.

The race results would prove to be very fruitful for Glenn and Liane, both placing in their age groups.

Place    Div/Tot Div       Guntime   Nettime     Pace    Name
16        5/148 M2529    38:05      38:03         6:08    Jason Bui
80        5/178 M4549    41:58      41:55         6:45    Fil Faria
141      3/31   M6064    44:24      44:22         7:09    Glenn Stewart
171      2/102 F5054     45:14      45:14         7:17     Liane Pancoast
847      35/78 M2024    56:04      54:38         8:48    Cullen Madden

(Stop being so god damn cheap and buy a photo!)

(Fil, always has to be different!)

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