JFK 50 Miler

July 3rd, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 8

Day 184 - Group run with GLRR under beautiful conditions. Although summer is just getting underway, I would have to say that the weather so far has got to be one of the best stretches of weather that this area has seen in awhile! That's just based on my 28 years of living in the area.

Met up with Glenn, Andy, Jim, Paul, Paula, Scott, Zach, Moe, Cherie, Erin, Alex, and Kim at HQ.

(Family Photo)

Paul had sent me some running advice earlier in the week regarding the benefits of "slow" training runs, and I wanted to give it a shot today. Perfect timing too as it was time to start waking up the slow twitch muscles as I prepare to train for the JFK 50. Sent in my application before I got to the group run.

Ran most of the run with Glenn, Paul, and Alex averaging 8's over the 8. Alex is prepping for the Baystate Marathon and went out with Glenn for a total of 13. Glenn is preparing for hell week with the Patriots 10K tomorrow, Carson 2 Miler on Monday, and The Good Times race on Tuesday (see weather conditions below).

Today ended up being one of my slower training runs so far this year and it felt fantastic! Trying to get my mind to shift gears will be tough, but I will need it come November.

Weather report for the upcoming week:

(Then again, this is New England...)

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