JFK 50 Miler

August 4th, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury, MA - 5.25

Day 215 - Believe it or not, I get sick and tired of hearing myself talk all of the time, so I can understand if most of the readers of this blog feel the same.

I always love receiving and reading others athlete's "war stories", and I'll gladly post it on here if you have one. You can send your stories to my e-mail addy: redhotsox@hotmail.com

So far this year, I've had the pleasure of posting a number of war stories, such as, El Presidente's below sea-level marathon, Brian Shorey's invasion of the Great Wall, Dane LeBlanc's flattening of the Green Mountains of Vermont, and Scotty Graham's (insane) 2009 year-in-review.

Tonight, I bring you another war story, this one is from newly minted GLRR member and tri-athlete, Yvette Nguyen.

She recently completed her first tri (International Distance) out in Greenfield, MA on Aug 1st. She has trained her bass off for months, including some track workouts with GLRR to help shore up her running.

Her tri result was probably not exactly what she was hoping for (still finished 2nd in her AG though!), due to some last minute illness that hampered her preparation, but Yvette fought through it and showed what it means to be one tough GLRR cookie.

To make the story short. I was sick and got [really, really sick] two nights before the race. I didn't think I could make it. Since I reserved two rooms I decided to drive up with the team and played it by ear.

Five minutes before the race started, I pulled my coach aside and talked to her about my hesitation, I didn’t think I could make it due to my physical condition. She insisted that my worries were unfounded, and I would finish. So I listened to her.

When I was half way through swimming, my right calf cramped. It was so painful that I couldn’t kick anymore. I decided to let my wetsuit take care of my legs, I just used my arms to finish. Then during the bike ride, I noticed that I was forcing my other leg to do most of the work. I was fine after the first lap but things started to go bad again. I was exhausted and dehydrated. I finally pushed myself to finish the rest of the 3 laps.

When I got to the run, my leg couldn’t move. I was in such pain, but I had come so far. Every step was a challenge. At that moment, the only thing I had left was my mental toughness. I thought of Ranger [Dave] who was running with a bad toe (broke his toe at mile 2 of the JFK 50 Miler two years ago and still finished!) and talked myself to finish it and I did.

It was very hard for me. But I am happy that I made it.

So what's next for me? I dont know yet. I will decide in a few days....

Yvette, I'll tell you what's next for you, anything you want! Nice Job!

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