JFK 50 Miler

August 6th, 2010 - Training - Franconia, NH - 3.1

Day 217 - The original plan was to try to put in a run before work, similar to last Friday, but the only difference this week was that Rachel said NO.

I dragged my butt through another hectic day of treasury work at Aspen (It's Friday people! Learn to relax!), and then dreaded the 2+ hour drive up to Haverhill from Burlington (rush hour traffic at 5PM), and then the 2+ hour drive from Haverhill to Franconia Notch (It's NH, everywhere takes 2+ hours) to time the Top Notch Tri on Saturday morning.

I didn't get up to our hotel in Franconia until about 8:30PM, and didn't finishing chowing down until 9:45PM.

I finally got on my running gear (half-drunk) around 10:15PM and was on the dark roads of NH by 10:30PM for my 5K for the day.

The temps up at this atltitude were in the low 50's, and I didn't think of packing any warm weather running clothes when I left Tewksbury that morning, where the temps were in the 80's all day! The last time I ran in these temps was probably back in March!

Part of the reason for the bone-chilling temps was due to the lack of cloud cover tonight in Franconia.

Although my walnuts haven't froze like this since the Fudgicle series, it was well worth it. Without the cloud cover, I could see every star in the night sky (and a couple of alien ships). It was really awe-inspiring to be running underneath such a bueatiful night sky.
("My God, there's so many of them")

This was very a good Reach the Beach night run training, which occurs in about a month, in the same vicinity.

Tomorrow should be another interesting day. Plan is to run up Cannon mountain, as this is the run finish for the tri course!

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