JFK 50 Miler

August 7th, 2010 - Training - Cannon Mtn - 2 (+1.5 at home)

Day 218 - I really should have thought through my plan for running the run courses at the tri's (not named Iron Man) that I time this year.

I completely forgot that the Top Notch Tri was on my schedule for today, and I also forgot that the run finish for this ridonkulous tri was at the top of Cannon Mtn! 2,000 ft straight up over less than two miles of rock scrambles!

I took off up the mountain about 10 minutes before the first racer got out of Echo Lake from the swim portion. Sadly, the first and second place finishers still managed to kick my ass up the mountain, finishing about 2 minutes ahead of me. Big whoop though. They didn't have to do data entry before running up the mountain!

Cannon Mtn is one big pile of rocks (smaller than Mt Washington, but a big pile of rocks nonetheless). There were spots where I got a 33% grade reading, but I think that was because I was falling backwards from exhaustion.

I managed to only  "run" for about .75 miles of the entire 2. I spent the rest of the climb just huffin', puffin', and cursin'.

The run itself is definitely more difficult than Mt Washington, mainly due to the lack of a paved surface and insane grades.

My quads and calves were burning by the time I reached just below the summit (4,080ft) 37 minutes later.

Visibility up at the top was spectacular (60+ miles, right to the Canadian border!). I could even see Celine Dion from here!

I considered running back down to get in my full 3+ for the day, but my boss definitely didn't let me forget that I was there to work.

(There's a reason why they have the tram)

I completed my run for the day at home on the treadmill. Yeah, I know. I'm a big wuss. Wanna fight about it?

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