JFK 50 Miler

August 8th, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury > Bedford, MA - 15.3

Day 219 - That's the last time I follow road signs meant for car traffic.

I had a general idea which way I had to go to get to the in-laws' place in Bedford (why? I'm a glutton for pain). I was told to head west, young man.

Before I could head west though, I had to head south on 38 into Wilmington, and then west onto 62 for about the next 11 miles. I just kept on following the road signs that said "62 West - Bedford".

I thought the run wouldn't be more than 9-10 miles, about the same distance as from when I lived in Lowell and ran to Bedford.

I was in Burlington when I hit the 9 mile mark (about two miles from the Burlington Mall), and right then, I knew I had taken the longest and most roundabout way possible to get to their place. This is what happens when you don't plan out your runs, or pull the shoes over and ask for directions.

Typical man.

Rachel later found a more direct route using her GPS....8 *bleeping* miles!

Thank goodness I brought along my CamelBak with a nice mixture of water and Gatorade. It basically saved me from bonking on a very hot and frustrating long run. I felt like crap for about 13 miles, and didn't get my legs under me until the final two miles when I finally found the Minute Man trail extension that brought me right to the in-laws' doorsteps, exactly two hours after I left Tewksbury.

Now I got to look forward to being nagged at for two hours.

(Kill me. Now.)


  1. Hi! My name is Chelsea Reid and I talked with you after the races at Pinelands. This is all I could turn up for contact info. The article noting your comments after the race and a picture of Scooter are online at downeastdognews.net if you're interested. Thanks, and happy running! Chelsea (chelsea.reid@yahoo.com)

  2. Hey Scooter, you're famous! And these folks know how to frame a photo shot, they managed to keep the guy at the other end of the leash out of the pic.