JFK 50 Miler

August 9th, 2010 - Race - Mine Falls, NH - 5

Day 220 - The race before the race is such a cliche, but that's what happened tonight.

I left work at 5PM to sit in traffic for the next hour or so before getting to my apt at 5:50PM to let the dogs out (at least we now know who let the dogs out).

I was back on the road by 6:02PM to head up to Mine Falls for that weekly race series, which starts at 6:30 (fortunately, it rarely ever starts on time).

It was already 6:29PM by time I got off of Rt 3 North at Exit 5W. I drag raced the next mile before pulling into the parking spot right next to the starting line at about 6:33.

(Not exactly what I had in mind, but you get the idea)

To my relief, the starting crowd was still milling about and waiting for the timers to give the signal.

I threw on my spiffy new VFF Bikila's for this race to see how they felt and performed.

(They're as funny as they look)

My heart rate was already at race pace so I didn't see a need to warm up. I greeted Cody, Fil, Andy, and the other regulars and was off to the races less than 3 minutes later.


I ended up setting a new PR on the course with a 31:30 finish in the new VFF's (15+ seconds over the prior week. I wore the Newtons last week). I didn't think I could even break 32 today, but the Bikila's really performed well and felt great! The new VFF model has great traction and great ankle support, and unbelievable for the uphill portions.

I did, however, feel a slight twinge of pain in the middle of my left foot after the race. Remnants of my injury earlier in the year wearing the VFF's. Going to stop using them for the time being until my foot fully heals.

Cody took first overall this week, with me cleaning up his leftovers in second. Andy rounded out the top 4.

Fil and Deric represented GLRR on the 5K course.

Good Times #6 on tap for tomorrow evening, and Bridge of Flowers 10K on Saturday.

Short distance racing season beginning to wind down (along with the long summer days). Looking forward to the long distance stuff (but not the short fall days).

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