JFK 50 Miler

Nov 6th, 2010 - Training - Brookline/Boston - 10

Day 310 - One week after her ass-kicking 2:56 run at MCM, Katy was ready to kick some more ass. Katy needed to take out some pre-JFK anxiety on some bodies, so Fil and I happily obliged.

We met up with Fembot ver. 3 at her happy abode in Brookline early in the morning, and we set our sails for a one hour tour of the greater Beantown area.

Boston is such an awesome running town, ask anyone, even a New Yorker. There's so much to see and experience, even on a short run. BU, Northeastern, Harvard, MIT, The Charles River, Fenway, Chinatown, the Gahden, Financial District, North Station, South Station, North End, South End, Seaport District, Beacon Hill, The Common, and of course, the crazy dog running after a bunch of geese while crazy dog's crazy owner screams at said crazy dog at the top of his crazy lungs. Buddy, he's a dog!

As hard as she tried, and almost did, Katy couldn't break us. She came close, but Fil begged for mercy and Katy was kind enough to ease up on the torrid pace. OK. It wasn't quite like that, but this is my blog.

We had some great discussions on the run, sharing war stories and our plans for next year. I was so excited to hear about Katy's goal for next year. We'll keep this one underwraps for now, but it's going to be awesome to pursue!

(hint, hint)


  1. Shhhhhh come on, kid, don't give it all away! I like being a dark horse.

  2. Don't worry. The only people that read this blog are Kelly, Fil, Valerie, EJ, Reno, Glenn, Alex, Kim, Jim, most of GLRR, some GCS, a few from CMS, your mom, her friends, their friend's friends, a couple of hundred people around the US and the world.

    It's our secret.