JFK 50 Miler

Dec 24th, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 14.25

Day 358 - One for the record books today. I count 34 runners in the photo below, and that doesn't include Glenn (taking the photo), Emily (went back to her car), 1.5 Linda's, and the .5 Steve. Guinness (both) wasn't at the finish, but there were plenty of yummy treats courtesy of Alicia & Friends. Thanks gang for making a great day even Greater!

(*No Cheating Here)

Let's see how well I know these folks:

1. James Sullivan
2. Steve Kanaracus
3. Kim Nutter
4. Eric Mottram (dressed as Tron in the photo)
5. Karen Grondine
6. Jim Stronach
7. Dave Penn
8. Keith O'Brien
9. Frank Georges
10. Scott Graham
11. Jessica Costa
12. Paul Kelly
13. Jason Bui
14. Ken Skier
15. Jeff Thomas
16. Linda McCarthy
17. EJ
18. Fil Faria
19. Marli Piccolo
20. Jeff Clark
21. Alicia Leeman
22. Dave Tyler
23. Cullen Madden
24. Cheri Monahan
25. Mark Blaisdell
26. Richie Blake
27. Dale Schofield
28. Paul Hadley
29. Bill Adamson
30. Kim Adamson
30b. Adamson, Jr.
31. Moe Garvey
32. Jill Trotter
33. Ann Kingsland
34. Dawn Mickee
35. Glenn Stewart
36. Emily Searles

Started my run with Frank, EJ, Eric, Jill, Scotty, Bill, Dave, James, and Jeff. My plan was to run 14 with Eric at about his marathon pace (low 7's).

Everything went as planned as we ran towards Vinyl Square on the Baystate course, but Eric's knee started to act up about 4.5 miles into the run. We decided to turn back around at 4.7, with EJ and Frank following suit.

I continued the rest of the run with Frank at about mid 7's, with EJ and Eric taking it easy about half-a-mile back. Frank and I got back to the GLRR office with 9 miles in the bank, so we tacked on the Tuesday night course through Belvidere to get 14+ at about 7:25 pace.

Overall a great run with some nice hills over the final 2 miles.

Hopefully Santa brings Eric a better feeling knee for Christmas, so that he can complete the Goofy Challenge in January. Rest up my future ultra running buddy.

I ran with the new Newton Momentum trainers, which are a little heavier than the racers, but much more sturdy (and cheaper). The "lug nuts" underneath have been pushed a little further back (mid foot) in this model, so that took a little bit to figure out what was feeling different.

All-in-all no complaints or issues with this pair, although I just got these in the mail last night, so I'll need a few more miles in them before I can arrive at a final verdict, but it looks like another fine model from the folks at Newton.

(they're a lot more obnoxious in person)


  1. There were so many runners - I had to stitch the picture together out of three shots. And of course some folks moved a bit between shots - hence the fractional people.

  2. You did a great job, Glenn! 2011 looks to be a good year for the club if is this is any indication.

  3. Thanks for the well wishes Jason...I'm hoping that some days off and lots of Advil will do the trick..and no Ultras in my future ;-)

  4. "..and no Ultras in my future ;-)"

    Never say never...