JFK 50 Miler

Dec 23rd, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury, MA - 3.1

Day 357 - With only 7 days left before the end of the 365 Day Race and the life of this blog, I've gone out in search of my blogging successor. I was originally going to ask if SpeedyKittyKat was up to the challenge of blogging every day for the next 365 Days about running, but I'm pretty sure she's really pissed at me right now, so I'll take that as a NO.

So, with much arm twisting and many laps around the track, I've convinced EJ (BadDawg) to restart his blog for 2011 and the NEXT 365 Days. I'll be passing on the blogging torch and pitchfork to my pal EJ over at RunDawgRun.

(Have Fun, EJ)

So here are 8 simple rules for dating my blog:

1. Leave in the Details: The majority of readers really don't give a crap about how fast you ran a race or what you did at track, but they do give a crap if you had to take a crap at Mile 14 during a marathon. What happens in Sugarloaf, doesn't necessarily stay in Sugarloaf.

2. Sense of Humor: Don't hold back on the funny. It might mean discussing personal things like the smell of your own fart, but farts are worth its weight in comedic gold. If it ain't funny, it ain't worth writing about.

3. Fil Factor: This could fall under Sense of Humor, but Fil deserves his own category. I went to the Fil well many times over the past year, especially when I had nothing funny to write about. He is a treasure trove of funny, but use it sparingly or else you might actually hurt his feelings, but then you can write about that too, which would be funny.

4. Race Reports: Race reports should be used to kiss up to RD's so that you can gain free entry into their other races. You can also use the reports to piss off RD's of races you didn't like, but the one time I did that I got an eyeful, but that's what the edit button is for. Also, get to the point. Nobody likes to read long winded race reports. Right, EJ?

5. Be Honest: Be brutally honest. Write whatever comes to your mind in raw form. Even if it's going to offend people. That's what the edit button is for.

6. Edit Button: Use the edit button like it's going out of style.

7. Let Others Find Your Mistakes: See Edit Button.

On that note I shall begin my death spiral towards the end of 2010, only to live on vicariously through the BadDawg's Blawg in 2011.


  1. Don't forget graphics, a high quality graphic is worth at least a thousand words. Especially if it contains angry mobs with pitchforks and torches or scantily clad runner girls.

  2. Good point! It's no coincidence that my #1 read post has the pics of the chics from Nantucket posted 4 times! Strangely, the average time spent reading that long winded race report is about 1 minute.