JFK 50 Miler

Oct 28th, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury, MA - 5.25

Day 301 - With only a few races left in the year, I thought I'd take a look back at the races that I've already completed this year:

They say too much racing is detrimental to your overall performance (in bed). To that I say, they're probably right, but man, it's too much fun...the racing part that is.

So out of the 301 days so far, I've spent 60 (two double ups) of those days racing!

Some highlights and lowlights...

Toughest Race: #57 - Wapack 18 Miler
Longest Race: #58 - RTB Ultra (37 miles)
Shortest Race: #37 - Marathon Relay (1 mile)
Pooped During Race: #27 - Sugarloaf Marathon (Mile 14)
Highest Finish: #38 - Exeter Trail Race (1st Overall)
Highest Altitude: #39 - Mt Washington Road Race (6k+ feet)
Most Consecutive Days Racing: 3 (#43, #44, #45)
Longest Stretch without a Race: 21 Days (Between #18 & #19)
Races with Scooter: 2 (#32 & #35)
Only Race without a Complete Race Report: #20 - Boston Marathon (will be in the book)
Hottest Race: Any of the Good Times Summer
Coldest Race: Any of the Fudgicle Races
5K's: 35
10K's: 1
Half-Marathons: 2
Marathons: 4
Others: 20
Favorite Race: All of them

Races currently on the calendar for the remainder of the year:

Oct 30th: Trail Runner 25K - New Gloucester, ME
Nov 19th: JFK 50 - Hagerstown, MD
Dec 5th: Mill Cities Relay - Long Leg? - Nashua to Lawrence
Dec 31st: 365 Day Race Finale - 36.5 - Tewksbury to Lowell to Chelmsford to Tyngsboro to Tewksbury

Here's to another 63 days of Running/Racing.....



  1. I thought Bridge of Flowers was your favorite?

  2. EJ, you're my favorite. "Fear the chicken!"